NDIS Terms and Conditions


These Terms of Service apply when a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) (the Participant) agrees to engage the services of Lift Health Group Pty Ltd (the Provider).

The NDIS and Terms of Service

The purpose of the Terms of Service is to describe the services and supports to be delivered by the Provider for the purposes of implementing the Participant’s NDIS plan and to mutually agree the commercial terms of those arrangements.

The parties understand that the Terms of Service are intended to reflect the framework of the NDIS, which aims to:

  • Promote independence, social and economic participation for people with disabilities; and
  • Allow people with disabilities to make choices and have control over their goals, planning and the delivery of their supports.

Services provided:

The Provider commits to providing the Participant with the nominated Allied Health services as stated in the participant’s NDIS plan for the period specified.

Provider responsibilities:

The Provider will:

  • Agree to review the provision of supports with the Participant at least once a year, where required.
  • The Provider will provide mutually agreed supports that meet the Participant’s needs at mutually agreed times.
  • Communicate effectively, openly and honestly in a timely manner.
  • Treat the Participant with respect and courtesy.
  • Consult the Participant on decisions about how and when supports are provided.
  • Provide information to the Participant about management of complaints and disagreements, and any relevant cancellation policy.
  • Listen to the Participant’s feedback and act responsively to resolve problems.
  • Provide a minimum of 7 days prior notice if a scheduled appointment for providing supports needs to be changed as per the NDIS 2023-2024 Guidelines.
  • Give the Participant sufficient notice if any of the Provider’s supports offered under this service agreement need to be ended or varied.
  • Keep the Participant’s privacy and confidential information protected.
  • Provide supports in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and the Australian Consumer Law
  • Keep accurate records of the supports provided to the Participant
  • Issue regular invoices and statements of the supports delivered to the Participant.

Responsibilities of the Participant/Participant’s Parent or Guardian:

The Participant will:

  • Make every reasonable effort to be available punctually for each appointment.
  • Inform the Provider about their preferred methods for receiving supports in order to meet their needs.
  • Treat the Provider with respect and courtesy.
  • Communicate any concerns they have with the Provider regarding the supports being provided.
  • Grant the Provider a minimum 7 days notice if they are unable to attend a scheduled appointment (and if not, the Provider’s cancellation policy will apply).
  • Grant the Provider at least 7 days’ notice if they wish to terminate these Terms of Service.
  • Inform the Provider immediately if their NDIS plan is suspended, replaced with a new NDIS plan, or if they are no longer a participant in the NDIS.


The Provider will charge fees under these Terms of Service in accordance with the applicable NDIS price guide guidelines, as published from time to time. These prices are inclusive of GST. Travel will be charged at the specified hourly rate for that item.

South Australia – Therapy costs (NDIS)

MM1-5 (per hour)

Physiotherapy: $224.62

Speech Therapy: $193.99

Occupational Therapy: $193.99

Psychology: $234.83

MM6 (per hour)

Physiotherapy: $314.47

Speech Therapy: $271.59

Occupational Therapy: $271.59

Psychology: $328.76

MM7 (per hour)

Physiotherapy: $336.93

Speech Therapy: $290.99

Occupational Therapy: $290.99

Psychology: $352.25

Initial assessments: 1 hour

Subsequent therapy: 1 hour (unless otherwise agreed between Participant and Provider).

Pricing for therapy and travel are based on the Modified Monash Model for geographical locations under the NDIS price guide. To find out more, please visit: https://www.health.gov.au/topics/rural-health-workforce/classifications/mmm

Please find the NDIS price guide here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwioys3678r8AhVRTmwGHRaYB_sQFnoECAwQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ndis.gov.au%2Fmedia%2F4519%2Fdownload%3Fattachment&usg=AOvVaw1wYCQuAGJ64ZqH0dGExCZz

Location Specific Travel Charges

We travel the most direct flightpath from metropolitan Adelaide to regional and remote areas. This means we have a unique charging model for our service fees, which provide great value to our clients for NDIS therapy and funding. This is because our travel fees are often lower than if we were driving to provide supports.

Regional centres (MM1-3) – e.g. Murray Bridge, Whyalla, Goolwa:

The maximum we charge is 30 minutes each way.

Rural and remote areas (MM4-7) – e.g. Kangaroo Island, Jamestown, Wudinna:

The minimum we charge is 30 minutes each way.

The travel costs will be split between other clients in the area where possible.

Please note, We can arrange flights to any town or area with an airstrip. If your location is not listed below, please contact us to request our services.

South Australia

Location (A-Z)

Category as per remoteness (MM1-7)

Ceduna 7

Cooper Pedy 7

Kangaroo Island 7

Port Lincoln 6

Roxby Downs 6

Broken Hill 6

Port Augusta 4

Whyalla 3

Mildura 3

Cancellation policy

If for any reason the Participant needs to cancel an appointment, we understand. However, we kindly ask that you give us 7 days prior notice. Our trips from Adelaide to regional, rural, and remote areas are pre-arranged months in advance.

If the Participant provides less than 7 days’ prior notice of cancellation of an appointment, the Provider will charge the full price for scheduled support and travel (because we will have our flights pre-booked). Thank you for your understanding.

If the Provider needs to cancel an appointment (due to events that are outside of our control, such as staff illness or poor weather conditions), we will:

  • notify the Participant as soon as practicable; and
  • reschedule the provision of the Participant’s support.

Invoicing & payments

Invoices will be sent either to the Participant or to your plan manager, depending on your arrangement. The invoices are due within 7 days after the therapy session or the invoice date, whichever is later.

Declined Funds

If funding is declined or an invoice remains unpaid beyond its due date (whether due to inadequate balance or the expiry of the Participant’s NDIS plan), the Participant will remain liable for the total costs for those services already delivered by the Provider.

Changes to Terms of Service

If either the Participant or the Provider wishes to make any changes to supports or their delivery, all parties will discuss and review these Terms of Service, and will confirm in writing any changes that are mutually agreed.

Ending services

Either party may terminate these Terms of Service at any time and for any reason by giving one month’s written notice to the other party. This notice period may be waived if there are any severe breaches of the Terms of Service.

Feedback, complaints and disputes

Any feedback, complaints or disputes can be sent directly to Lift Health Group via:

E: hello@lifthealthgroup.com.au

Ph: 1300 082 599

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to submit your feedback via this form: https://wkf.ms/3PNLpYn